What was the most Rewarding experience of our GNML online program? - GNML #9

March 12, 2013

    My participation in GNML online program is the most rewarding experience. GNML open my eyes and mind about how to expand the usefulness and purpose of social media and another platform such Youtube, Tumblr, Blog and many more. I becoming know that we, all of the participants in GNML online class have our each problems and issues in our Home Community and ready to change it. I enjoy learning and following every stories from them. Before I participate in GNML online class, I already made a Youtube and Blog Account, but I didn't know how to use if efficiently and don't want to explore more. but now, I be able to use Blog for a place to sharing useful information to others, not only place for just sharing stories and laugh, but more than that.Using Youtube to upload videos and many more. I'm getting involved in technology, explore many new things that I never know before, because learning something new is exciting!, Gain more knowledge in Technology and Social Media and hopefully I be able to teach and share what i've got from GNML Online class to others in my home community.

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