What was the most Challenging experience of our GNML online program? - GNML #9

March 14, 2013

       Before I joined GNML online program, I considered using Social Media is just for fun and using it only for communicate with my friends, families and relatives. So I faced many of challenges when we were doing our online class, like in Session #4 - Blogging for social change, I use blog for just sharing my life stories and photos. and now, I know that we also be able to use Blog as our platform to share Information that could change our home community to be better!
also in Session #5 - RSS and Google Alerts - Training Information to find you, I saw some of RSS feed in my some of friends blogs, but I never thought to use it in my blog and connect it to get information. and I also got problem how to connect RSS feed and find the websites and blogs that provide it, fortunately some of my fellows in our GNML online class willing to help brake my problem :D and the last in Session #8 - Using Youtube and make "Elevator Pitch" for Broadcast our thought. I don't have any idea what is Elevator Pitch, I never try to make my own video and upload it to Youtube. All of them were new things new experience for me that never thought and dig deeper more information until I joined GNML online class.

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