Low Reading Interest of Children & Teenagers and Library Availability in Indonesia

December 14, 2012

Low Reading Interest of Children & Teenagers and Library Availability in Indonesia

Hello, my name is Decky Tri Isdian Novianoor, I'm one of AFS-YES and PAX Exchange student and from Indonesia. I'm Currently stay in a Friendly Town-Orange, Massachusetts. in my Post, I would like to tell and discuss with you about Low Interest in Reading in my Country, Indonesia. The reason why I make this Topic because personally, I like reading and During my stay in United States, I've seen many of American loves Reading especially with the Kids and Toddlers. Many of Information we can get from read books. as one of my favorite Quotes said "Reading is the key of knowledge, reading books, open the window of the world for you". this is also being references for us to say which depeloved and developing country from the books been published and the total of Libraries.
In Indonesia, we have very low Reading Interest especially with the Children and Teenagers under 17 years old. Based on Statistic Central Agency of Indonesia in 2006, Many of Children and Teenagers in Indonesia prefer to Use Television (85,9%) , and listen to Radio (40,3%) as their choice to spend the time and find information either than with Newspaper, Books or Encyclopedia (23,5%). In fact, Based on UNESCO research, Indonesian as the Lowest Reading Interest in South-East Asia. this is what I'm concern with

There's some factors that caused why Indonesia has Low Reading Interest. 
The first is, The Availability of Facility and Infrastructure, especially the Availability of Library in every Town especially in every School with the Good and Quality books for Children and Teenagers like us. As I know, in My City-Tenggarong we only have 1 town library for 250,000 more people. and that's still not enough and very need an improvement. We need more Good and Quality books, to support our Interest in Read a book which is also determine level of intelligence Indonesian Children and Teenagers.
The second is, Because of Indonesia Education System has not made us, as Students read more Books and any other references. then also nowadays, Internet has dominated children and teenagers. actually, it's true if we search Information and any other references in Internet but we must use Internet carefully and wisely.

The third is, many of Families in Indonesia doesn't make Reading as their "Family Culture" for example, Story Telling before sleep or make a special time at home with "Reading Time" especially for Toddlers.
The Last, but not least, in School, Library as the "Storage of the Knowledge" must be improved and being A comfort and Fun place to Read , to do research or to find The Information . I like to go to Library in my School, Ralph C. Mahar Regional School, which is so comfortable and so Easy to Find what books we want to find. they have like Teenage Section, Fiction Section, CD, and Children Section. that's what I want in My School. because many of Book's Collections of my School is so Old which makes us feel Lazy to go to Library.

If I get the opportunity to Join GNML YouthTech Camp next spring in Vermont, I hope I can get many of benefits such as using core tools, concepts and processes of using social media for communication, leadership, civic engagement and activism especially for gain Reading Interest in My Country, Indonesia and in my City, Tenggarong. what I've been plan to do that are :
 - Socialize either with Social Media or any other Platform such Youtube and Google or Blog and Tumblr to get Children and Teenagers attention in my Country how important to have Reading Interest is. In Social media, I will invite many Children and Teenagers or even other Famous People to use #Hashtag to get their attention for Gain Reading Interest together
- In Indonesia we also have Forum Anak Indonesia (Indonesian Children and Teenagers Forum)  I'm one of the members and I can use Social Media to invite them to talk about Reading Interest and Make like List what we want to do to, what are our concerns and give it our Government. we as Children and Teenagers also need The Government reach and know our Opinion and Idea. 
I Hope with my Participation to Join GNML YouthTech Camp, I can help make my country better through using Social media as a media to Socialize and Communicate.

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