What is the most important thing that I've learned in our GNML online program? - GNML #9

March 14, 2013

      Joined and participated in GNML Online Class was so helping me to make better understanding about using Core Tools, Concepts and Processes of using Social Media for Communication, Leadership, Civic Engagement, Activism and how to use and get the benefit from Technology itself. I even didn't care and didn't have the desire to study and explore more about Social Media and Technology and now I'm getting more curious and involved with it. I didn't realize that only with Social Media we could help changes our home community life to become more better with posting and sharing information in Blog, Tumblr and many other platforms. we also try to become representative of our country to solve our each problems and issues in our home communities. And my GNML project is focusing in 2 issues : The support of government of my region county  to provide the availability of library in my home town, because we only have 1 library for approximately 500,000 people in a whole county and find a solution how to increase reading interest in Indonesia with using Social Media and any other platforms, Try to catch people attention with invite them to use #Hashtag in Twitter for example. And sharing the problems in Forum Anak Indonesia (Indonesian Children and Teenagers Forum) about Reading Interest and together we deliver our concerns and ideas to Government. I know this is not easy, but I will try to do my best for that!

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